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Ƶ is Australia’s Leading Learning Organisation; we are currently training over 600 apprentices at our modern and well-equipped Centre of Excellence (trade school).  As a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), we’re qualified, experienced and legally compliant to deliver and assess nationally accredited training courses.

We Make It Easier For Your Business

As a Group Training Organisation (GTO), we employ apprentices and host them out to plumbing, electrical, data & voice communications, refrigeration & air conditioning businesses across South Australia. We take care of the recruitment, payroll, superannuation and entitlements, giving you choice and flexibility, coupled with the peace of mind that comes with a Ƶ apprentice.

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Award-Winning Apprentices

Our apprentices are dedicated to building a fulfilling career in their industry; we support our people to be:

  • Committed to getting the job done
  • Positive in their attitude and approach
  • Willing to learn & further their career
  • Hardworking
  • Future leaders
Cost Effective

Your business pays Ƶ’s rate for apprentice’s time spent on the job. We take care of:

  • No need to schedule trade school
  • Day release or block release arrangements
  • We also offer industry training tailored for the needs of your business and staff

With no lock in contracts, we provide your business with short and long-term apprentices, which:

  • Suit the needs of project work
  • Makes it easy for you to extend your workforce
  • Let’s you rotate apprentices as you need
  • Takes the hassle out of managing staffing
Time Saving

By taking care of recruitment, payroll, superannuation, annual leave, sick leave and WorkCover for our apprentices, we help you:

  • Save on administration expenses
  • Save time in managing employees
  • Be hassle and stress free
Well Prepared

Our apprentices are ready to work for you, equipped with relevant trade licences, tools, uniform and PPE. From day one they are:

  • Ready to get on with the job
  • Equipped with their own hand tools
  • Dressed appropriately and professionally

Our Talent Coaches mentor, support and shape our apprentices to be the best, ensuring they:

  • Maintain high standards of work
  • Complete work on time
  • Are dependable

Not only do we employ apprentices but we provide accredited trades training, transforming students into qualified tradespeople, and providing flexibility with:

  • Trade school fees
  • Wages for trade school attendance
  • Leave entitlements
Commitment to Safety

We maintain a strong safety-first culture by providing WHS support to our partners and employees in the form of:

  • Safety management systems
  • Training & support
  • WHS Committees



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What Is Group Training?
Group Training is an employment and training arrangement whereby Ƶ employs apprentices under an Apprenticeship Training Contract and places them with Host Employers. Ƶ undertakes the employer responsibilities for the quality and continuity of the apprentices’ employment and training. Ƶ also manages the additional care and support necessary to achieve the successful completion of the Training Contract.
Is Group Training An Affordable Option?

Yes. If you calculate all the hidden costs of employing an apprentice or trainee (including your time and effort) and the experience and expertise Ƶ staff bring to the recruitment and ongoing management process, then you’ll find group training delivers value for money.

  • You save in recruitment costs, as we provide the placement free of charge
  • Ƶ selects the right fit for your team and your business needs
  • You only pay wages at applicable award rates and do not pay annual leave, leave loading, sick leave, workers compensation or payroll tax
  • You benefit from industry-standard trade training
  • Ƶ partner with you to ensure you achieve maximum performance.
Who Can Use Ƶ?
Any business operating in the Plumbing, Electrical, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, Data & Voice Communication trades can host a Ƶ Apprentice.
Which Industries Does Ƶ Specialise In?
Ƶ specialises in the Plumbing, Electrical, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, Data & Voice Communication industries.
How Long Is An Apprenticeship?
Apprenticeships are based on a competency model, so once all on-the-job and off-the-job benchmarks have been achieved, early completion is possible. The expected duration is 4 years.
Who Delivers The Training?
Ƶ is a Registered Training Organisation, the training is delivered by our trainers who are qualified tradespeople with industry current skills and knowledge.
What Is A Apprentice Trainee Supervisor?
An Apprentice Trainee Supervisor supports and mentors each apprentice throughout their four-year apprenticeship.

They visit the apprentices at least every eight weeks, providing a one-stop pastoral care service.

What Is EProfiling?
eProfiling provides important data about the work performed by an apprentice under their training plan. Ƶ uses this tool to identify and track an apprentice’s progression and achievement of competency through on the-job application of knowledge and skills.
What Are My Responsibilities

It is important to look at the bigger picture around training our youth and realise that if we train today we all prosper in the future. Patience and care is essential as you impart your knowledge onto them.

As a host employer it is your responsibility to:

  • Treat the apprentice as though they are one of your employees, by providing a safe working environment and ensure safe work practices are adhered to in the workplace
  • Define the jobs, tasks and roles the apprentice will do, keeping in mind the training needs and supervision required
  • Ensure the supervising staff have the right skills to manage the apprentice
  • Communicate well and develop a rapport with the apprentice
  • Give the apprentice the opportunity to try new things and progress their skills
  • Allow time for the apprentice to practice new skills. Expect mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes
  • Motivate, watch, coach, praise and ask questions
  • Take a personal interest in the apprentice’s development
  • Pay invoices promptly
  • Communicate with us promptly should any issues arise
  • Verify apprentice profiling cards
Can I Choose The Apprentice I Want?
Where possible, Ƶ will provide you with the apprentice of your choice. If the apprentice is already committed to another host for a period of time, we will endeavour to provide you with an apprentice with equivalent skills and abilities.
If I Host An Apprentice Through Ƶ, Do I Still Receive The Government Incentive Payments?
Yes, Ƶ will pass incentive payments to host employers as a reduction, calculated on the on-cost hourly rate.
How Does Ƶ Keep Their Apprentices Safe?
Ƶ ensures all host employers comply with the Work Health & Safety Act and Regulations (WHS) 2012. Any non-compliance relating to the WHS Act by the host employer, may lead to the immediate withdrawal of an apprentice. A host employer must in respect of any apprentice placed with the host employer, ensure so far as is reasonably practicable, that the apprentice is safe from injury and risk to health while at work.

Ƶ will ensure the Apprentice has completed an ‘off-the-Job’ Workplace Employee Induction Program, and instructed in, and aware of their obligations in regard to Work Health & Safety compliance. The apprentice will be provided with a copy of Ƶ’s Apprentice Induction Handbook, which outlines their responsibilities and obligations in relation to the Work Health & Safety Act and Regulations (WHS) 2012.

Ƶ will also provide on going Work Health & Safety (WHS) training to the apprentice.

Ƶ will supply each apprentice with nominated safety clothing and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). These items are in accordance with the relevant Australian Standards (refer to Ƶ Clothing Policy). Ƶ will replenish PPE as required on an ongoing basis.

What If It Doesn't Work Out With My Apprentice?
A key feature of Group Training, is the emphasis on mentoring and support for apprentices and employers alike.

Ƶ provides hands-on support, helping to resolve any workplace issues that arise. Ƶ will work with you in any situation you are unhappy, towards a mutually beneficial resolution for both you and the apprentice.

If mediation does not reach a resolution, Ƶ will assist in resolving the matter, which may involve moving the apprentice into a more suitable business, at no cost or hassle to you. We then work with you to ensure a replacement apprentice is found.

What Happens To My Apprentice If I Sell My Business?
If you sell your business, and the new owner agrees to continue employing and training your apprentice, the training contract continues under the new owner. Ƶ will facilitate this changeover however if you require further information, please contact us.
What If My Business Runs Out Of Work?
Part of the attraction of working with a GTO such as Ƶ, is that if your workload reduces, Ƶ will work with you to find another placement for the apprentice.

If your business requirements change and you find the apprentice is no longer needed, it is essential you communicate this with Ƶ as soon as possible. Ƶ requires a minimum of two weeks’ notice as this allows us to prepare ahead in finding an alternative placement for the apprentice.


Note: Employers may be eligible for a subsidy through the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB).

"Having been a Ƶ Apprentice and experiencing the high quality training and support provided, I had no hesitation in hosting my own Ƶ apprentices."



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